Microgaming - Where Casino Slot Games Come Thick And Fast!

Why do many players like to play Microgaming casino slots? Well, just visit free slots Canada - Grizzly Gambling and one will soon realise that Microgaming are one of the highest recognized providers of online gaming software and have been around for many years.

Their story all began back in 1994 when they made online gaming history by launching the first internet casino called the Gaming club. This was to become the first of many Microgaming casinos, and the casino is still immensely popular amongst players and still flourishes to this day.

Microgaming Slots And Record Breaking Progressive Jackpots

Since those early days Microgaming have grown to approximately 70 internet casinos and they have broken records for large progressive jackpot winners many times over. They have paid out winnings over the million dollar mark many times over, and unlike some internet casinos who stagger their jackpot payouts in dribs and drabs, all Microgaming big time winners are paid out in full and immediately. And yes, they do offer no deposit casino bonuses and promotions, such as reloads, free spins, and cashback. More details at https://www.cafecasinonodeposit.com/.

As of 2008 Microgaming had to announce that it would no longer be able to accept players from the US, in compliance with US law, this obviously had a far reaching impact on licensed casinos. None the less in spite of losing a large portion of their clientele they have continued to grow, and have managed to introduce many new casinos and games from their island headquarters on the Isle Of Man.

One thing this company is renowned for is the sheer quantity of the games that they offer. They provide players with hundreds of video slot games all with state of the art graphics and superlative sound and effects, and have now also moved into licensing popular character themed games, such as Batman and Lord Of the Rings. Try these amazing games now at the best Canadian casinos and get free 200% welcome bonus.

The Same High Standards At All Licensed Microgaming Casinos

It doesn't matter where a player goes, they can expect the same high standard of games, the same odds, the same rules and the same important guaranteed jackpot payouts whatever casino they choose.

This may seem all rather normal but when one takes into consideration that there have been winners of the Illinois State Lottery that have had their winnings withheld until the state legislators agree on their 2015 state budget, it puts a different light on things!

With the multitude of high quality slot games Microgaming also offer 23 different variants of video Poker. They've also 16 different base games that can all be played in single mode, out of which seven can also be played in "Power Poker" mode, which one might possibly compare to four-play.

These casinos have to be one of the last few places where players can still bet on Red Dog, an old Las Vegas Silver City casino favorite. It's great that they cater to so many different type players, they're not at the top in their field for nothing though. No doubt they'll have some great new games just in time for Xmas. Forget the Christmas stocking, that will do nicely, everyone agree?